The Blog

Welcome to my blog!

You may be looking at the title and thinking, “wow, that’s quite a collection of topics.” And you’re absolutely correct. You’ll notice there are some topics I neglect (pretty much everything

except book reviews and sometimes writing, sorry). But I keep them because someday I might like to return and add to the subjects.

This blog is primarily a book review blog. I’m an avid reader and I like to offer my thoughts on books new and old.


When I’m not reading books, I love being outside.

After many years working in a bookstore, it just makes sense to continue my bookselling work online by helping people get a feel for certain books. You’ll notice I don’t use a star or rating system. I prefer to provide my thoughts on a book and, regardless of whether I personally enjoyed it or not, provide some insight into what group of readers would like the book. I have a lot of experience recommending and selling books I didn’t personally like, it’s part of the job. Being able to say, “I didn’t care for this, but here’s why you might” is a skill that requires development. I know I’m not perfect at it, but I like to think I do a good job.

When I’m writing (which isn’t nearly as often as I wish, but maybe that’ll change), I like to share blog posts about my process, the ups and downs, techniques I’m trying or learning about, and mostly to invite people to celebrate the fact that I wrote a sentence. Sometimes I’ll share tidbits about the project I’m working on, and I’m trying to do this more. I tend to keep things to myself for various reasons. I write first and foremost for myself, so I don’t always like to share, and I don’t always like the pressure from well-meaning friends and family that I need to get my butt in gear and publish a book (it’s not that easy. Well, self-publishing is, but that’s not really my goal.). But sometimes by sharing my writing, it gives people insight into me, what I’m going through, and/or creates common ground. Writing is a highly personal, and therefore highly vulnerable, activity for me.

So I hope you enjoy perusing this snapshot of my brain. Please leave me a comment, I’d love to hear your thoughts and things I could improve!