Choosing an audience

I’ve never really thought about an audience for my books. I wrote mostly for me, and I guess in the back of my mind, I always just kind of imagined that if I ever published anything, someone would read it, I didn’t really care who. But that’s a naive approach, and one that sets the writer up for failure.

I, of course, know that one of the early steps for any writing is knowing who you are writing for, and module 2 was all about choosing an audience and choosing the right kind of story. Though I haven’t got mine outlined yet, what I can say about my story idea thus far is that it’s aimed toward 10-12-year-olds. It’s not quite a coming of age story, but in the book of life, it’s probably the chapter right before. My character, Molly, is struggling with childhood and reconciling that with responsibilities of growing up.

Within the groups this course lists — animal story, sports, historical, mystery, adventure, ghost/horror, humor– I suppose my story will fall more into humor, maybe with a dash of adventure. Molly is a little reminiscent of Anne of Green Gables, letting her imagination lead her where it will.

Soon I hope I’ll have motivated myself to do some planning and mapping, and maybe I’ll be ready to share the beginnings of this book in all its glory.

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