The Girl in the Woods

One of my favorite parts of working at a bookstore is getting exposed to a variety of authors and books that I otherwise would probably never find.

The Girl in the Woods by Gregg Olsen was one such book. It was an interesting thriller with a couple different story threads that were neatly tied together at the end.

It begins with a severed foot in the woods, and launches from there into investigation and intrigue with the classic crime-solving duo.

I enjoyed that Olsen gave the characters detailed backstory, history, and draws readers in emotionally by establishing a sympathetic relationship between reader and character.

The glimpses into the life of medical examiner Birdy Waterman establish the character as more than a detective and fit perfectly into the story.

There was one time I felt Olsen went over the top, using prison sex to throw in a little excitement. And perhaps it’s realistic, but I thought it was unnecessary (and a little scarring).

The only other problem I had with the story: I wanted more significance from the foot. It was a great hook, but I wanted some closure from it too.

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