First Strike

Continuing my timid testing of popular new thrillers, my latest read was “First Strike” by Ben Coes.

I would classify it as a political intrigue and action book. It looked at the fictional roots and rise of ISIS and how, ultimately, the U.S. thwarts the terrorists and (mostly) everyone lives.

As the second in a row that had a thoroughly predicting plot line, I’m thinking perhaps I use “thriller” in a very different way than most other people.

Don’t get me wrong, “First Strike” was good, but I wasn’t on the edge of my seat reading it. I didn’t have a hard time putting it down to sleep or eat or do pretty much anything else. That’s the type of book I describe when I use the word “thriller.”

That said, the book was well written, and there was plenty of action to keep a reader entertained. It’s the type of book one might turn into a movie. And it is different enough from the other political and military content out there that I think it’s worth a read, if you can handle the content.

The book focuses on ISIS, as I said, and a specific terrorist attack, wherein they take an entire college dorm hostage. For some people, it could hit close to home.

Otherwise, Coes writes a fast-paced book that, though it’s over 400 pages, it’s a quick and easy read, with most chapters being fewer than 10 pages, making it easy to read a chapter or two on a quick break or while waiting for public transportation (assuming you’re like me and you hate stopping in the middle of a chapter, just on principle).

Look for “First Strike,” set to hit shelves June 28.

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