Writing titles and self-publishing

Onward to module fifteen, and some fairly useful information on writing a title for a book.

A title for a book needs to fit the targeted age range in its word usage, as well as give indication about the topic and the characters. A title needs to be exciting and enticing. We’ve all made judgements on what to read based on a title and cover, despite the probers warning otherwise.

A title, therefore, needs to be crafted. It’s not just something that pops into your head, although sometimes what pops into your head ends up being a good choice.

This, I think, explains why few of my books have a title. I’ve never out the time into crafting one. But, that’s a whole other story.

I am interested in getting a project refined enough to where a title is an important piece.

The course authors suggest writing out key words associated with the story, then writing as many possible titles as you can think of, using the key words as inspiration and guidance.

One thing to watch out for is a title that gives away the climax or ending. A title has to say a lot without saying too much. It really is important.

This module also talked, very beiefly, about self-publishing, mostly just mentioning that it is an option, and is entirely plausible as a beginning step. It’s also a step you can take once you’re published. Self-publishing allows you to get out the stories you want to get out. But, you lose out on some other perks of traditional publishing. Not in the least, you yourself have to build up a fan base and promote your work and sales yourself. But it can be done, in fact, it’s an option I have considered before.

But, for that if have to work a manuscript to as near perfection as I can get, not to mention come up with a title, too.

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