Promoting your product 

If there is one thing I’m weak at, it’s selling myself and my talents. The final module of my children’s writing course was on self-marketing, and essentially focused on writing outside of books. Mostly, it focused on blogging. The gist was, simply, have a blog. The authors didn’t offer any content advice, which I guess makes sense, you don’t want everyone writing the same stuff. But they certainly took a lot time to tell their students to blog.

They also encouraged a fleshed-out about me section, where readers can get to know you. This can help them also get interested in your books. Everything you write for public consumption should be focused on building a readership for your own books. This makes sense, and is why I’m going to have to do some thinking about what to blog on next, now that this course is over.

But, at least I’m already started on what is apparently the key piece of self-promotion. I write all this boring snark and hope someone reads it.

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