The end of the road (or at least the course)

Last week I finished the Write Storybooks for Children course. It seems fitting to write one last post about my thoughts on the course overall.

I bought access to the course for $20 thanks to a Groupon deal. At the time, I was working part-time and looking for something else to do, and a course and writing sounded perfect.

While I definitely gleaned some information from the course, it wasn’t particularly mind blowing. I think the course would have worked much better paired with an ongoing project. My one piece of advice would be to have a project in mind and work on it in tandem with the course, putting to use the tips they offer.

What is interesting is that the course authors described their writing style as friendly and personable. I, personally, would describe it as condescending and a little arrogant, though perhaps that’s to be expected a little by an American taking a British course.

Come November, when I’m most likely to put anything I’ve learned to use, we’ll see how much impact it’s made on my writing and mentality. And perhaps in the time before, I’ll make some time to work on some other projects.

Overall, I don’t think my $20 was wasted. But I understand why they had to offer a 96 percent discount. The $695 price tag originally attached to the class is absurd. I understand the authors have to make a profit off the course, but frankly the content isn’t worth more than $20.

But, I think this was an excellent learning experience, in several ways, not the least of which is to be wary about online classes. With the constant changing of the business, it’s hard to keep it current without making it a full-time job. But that means in the information is generic at best, and for somehow who isn’t looking for an introduction, it can be a big disappointment.

I didn’t learn as much as I wanted, but I think I learned a few things to work on, and that makes it worth it to me.

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