Putting your mind to progress

Last week, I posted about rereading an old project and setting my mind to planning it out and completing it.

While I haven’t made a chapter-by-chapter outline, and may not actually do that, I did sit down, immediately after my post (actually, I was already sitting) and jotted down a fairly detailed synopsis of my story, and spent some time patching the holes that I could think of.

While I haven’t done much actual writing (what with work, books, cooking, groceries and the gym), the brainstorming process, which resulted in three pages of story plot, got me excited again about writing, about finishing. And while I still have all those other things to work into my day, my goal for this week will be to put about 30 minutes minimum toward writing.

My story is by no means flawless in its planning. In fact, there is one authenticity flaw I haven’t quite sorted out (I am opposed to a “love at first sight” kind of thing, but a journalist wouldn’t spend much more than a week with a family for a special story on Valentine’s Day, so how does my professional source get more involved with the family? Maybe her source will have to die.). But some of these issues can be resolved during the writing process, finding an answer as I’m going along. Or, I can write around it or make something up and polish it during the editing process. Either way, I’m not going to let it stop me or slow me down.

I know where I’m going, and I know most of the stops along the way. So I’m setting out and, with any luck, I’ll get there pretty soon. Wherever “there” is.

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