The pros of planning

I’ve got to be honest, that whole, “I’m going to write for a half an hour each day” plan that I had last week didn’t happen. I don’t think it even happened one day. The only excuse I have is that I had a book to finish before I have to return it in a day or two, and I worked a lot of mid shifts, which leave me feeling like I have no time in my day.

That said, there are other contributing factors at work here. When I sat down to give this story a little more thorough plotting, I decided I didn’t really want to write a chapter-by-chapter outline. I thought having a thorough synopsis would do just as well, but in the moments I snatched this week to do some writing, I found myself in a familiar place. Where do I start? And how quickly should I move the story along?

This has been my constant problem in all my writing projects. I end up with a lot of random, pointless content because it feels too soon to move on to the next milestone.

But what I learned when I scribbled a draft of my children’s book is that having a chapter-by-chapter outline is pretty useful.

So now the question is, do I made an outline when I’m already part way through the project? The answer should probably be yes, it’s not like the chapters I’ve already completed will need to be very detailed, but it will make the rest of the process easier. And when I’m trying to write on a 15-minute break at work, the words will come easier if I know where I need to go.

So here we go again. This project, take one million.

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