Love Beyond Time

When I downloaded this ebook for free, I very much had Outlander on my brain. But I quickly realized, this is nothing at all like Outlander, and they are so different they can’t even be compared.

I’m not sure why I thought I might like a Scottish time-travel romance. Sure, Outlander has romance, but it has a lot more, too.

This story is all about physical attraction. The plot seemed secondary to the romance, and the content seemed to be filler, just words trying to make it from love scene to love scene. And I felt he characters were lacking sufficient depth to make it a good romance. Or maybe I just don’t read enough romance to recognize and appreciate what sells.

That said, this book left me quite disappointed, even after I told myself it isn’t an apples to apples comparison to Outlander.

I’ll be the first to say it’s challenging writing short stories and novellas, which many ebooks tend to be. It’s hard to pack in depth and time for development, but this felt a little too adult Disney. Too obvious, too little depth, and a perfect happily ever after.

I know romance is more a genre to make you feel good, but this one was just missin too much.

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