Making the story real

I don’t know about any of you writers, but my stories tend to jump from one event to another, quickly climbing the hill to to the ultimate climax and resolution.

And while any story needs to be consistently entertaining and engaging, some books you read are markedly different.

Part of what makes characters real is normalcy and relatability. This can be accomplished through showing real life. Some stories you read include peaceful or silly moments of real life that change the pace, and yet they don’t feel out of place in the least.

When I write, I frequently think in terms of word count, and sometimes these real life moments feel like word-padding, excess and unnecessary scenes to add length to the story. And yet, when I read, I know these moments can be some favorites, and, as I said before, feel perfectly at home in the story.

So as I continue my slow trek toward finishing my current writing project (how is October already nearly gone?!), I’m challenging myself to make my characters real. What scenes can I add to change the pace, to make my people real? I don’t have to keep every word I write, but it’s easier to cut out something you don’t need than add in something you don’t know you need.

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