NaNo week 2

I’m almost halfway through NaNoWriMo at this point, both in time and in word count (goal is 50k words, at least).

I’ve been writing almost everyday, and getting myself a little bit ahead so that when I have those days (Thursdays) when I just don’t have time to write, I’m not getting behind.

I don’t even remember what I wrote about last week, but I’m sure this post will be almost identical.

Having a basic chapter-by-chapter outline is really helping. Of course there are still days when I stare at blank pages wondering what to write, but usually it’s an issue of getting started. I don’t get stuck in the middle of things so much anymore, which is great. It also frees up brain power to start thinking about life scenes to sprinkle through the chapters, instead of trying to figure out how to move my story on from point A to point B.

And thus, my ability to write those life scenes, little snapshots of everyday life for my character, is improved. Not necessarily that my writing is wonderful, but that I can think of such scenes that don’t feel utterly out of place. They don’t feel like Anime filler episodes.

I’ve now got my story outlined all the way, and I’ve found that what I thought would happen in the beginning, the characters I thought would play prominent roles, have changed quite a bit. The prince, who was supposed to help Theda get revenge, has turned out to be rather cowardly. But he’s ended up marrying a strong, confident woman who will help Theda.

And at least one person who was supposed to be dead has escaped with his life and will be making an appearance very soon. And he will play a significant role that I didn’t even know needed filled.

So, I’ve almost found a sort of middle ground between planning and winging it. It’s been really great to start with a plan, to have a road map and a general idea of where I’m going. But as the creativity flows and I get a little more into my story, I still have the freedom and flexibility to adjust as new ideas pop into my head, and I can allow my characters to follow their individual natures, instead of trying to find some dramatic reason for them to become someone entirely new (and unbelievable).

So here’s to week three. If I can make it to 30k or 35k, I think I’ll be solidly set to finish, or at least hit the word goal for the month (I can always write an ending in December). According to the website, and my current average words per day, I’m set to hit 50k words on November 28, which would give me two whole days to actually finish my novel during the month of November, not just hit the minimum word count.

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