The home stretch

I knew there was something I was forgetting to do this morning.

I skipped Friday’s blog because my current read has taken me longer to get through, due to my writing, than usual. I forgot to write this blog post last night, like I always do. And then I forgot to write it this morning at work, because I had other thoughts bouncing around in my mind.

I’m in the home stretch of Nano, and the home stretch of drafting my novel. I just hit 35,000 words (seriously, like five minutes ago), and I’m feeling like it won’t be hard for me to keep going on to the end. I have about six chapters left, which, with any luck, will be enough material for 15,000 more words, and I think it will be, because some of them are pretty dense chapters, and I haven’t killed off anyone important yet.

My writing has definitely slowed down this last week. And I feel like that is pretty normal, a part of my process. I fly through in the beginning chapters, and the further in I get, the slower the writing becomes. When I;m staring at a word count goal, I find myself wondering if I have the content to reach it. I spend time staring at a blank screen trying to think of relevant filler, interesting things to give me some extra words. And though it’s not like any story I write now will be ready to go without significant editing, I always prefer to have too much than not enough, even if it’s too much garbage.

So, I’m slowing down. The 30,000s usually do that. And once I hit 40,000 (shooting for Wednesday sometime), the last 10,000 usually go pretty quickly.

I’m not sure how much from my writing class I’m putting into practice, but I’m trying. Trying to make my dialogue mean something. Trying not to have my people stand around nodding or smiling too much. I like to think they sound like different people and not robots. But, I suppose all of that we will see later on.

For now, it’s all about getting it down on paper.

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