The Silent Stars Go By

I love our Barnes and Noble classic editions, even if non-classic stories.

The Silent Stars Go By, by Dan Abnett, is one of two Doctor wWho stories in this book, and I’d been eyeballing it for a while. The one thing that always held me back from purchasing was the fact that it is, essentially, fan fiction, and I wasn’t sure what to expect from it.

But Abnett’s story read like a true episode. Per usual, the Doctor and the Ponds end up not quite where they intended to be, this time on a planet being terraformed by humans. But the process seems to be going wrong, and instead of being an ideal climate, the winters are becoming harsher, and monsters are on the loose.

Abnett captured the banter between the Doctor and Amy, and the reserved and resigned nature of Rory in their misadventure. The story is complete with multiple layers of mystery and was a fast-paced read, which felt right for Doctor  Who.

In short, this read just like an episode of the show, which I think marks talent in Abnett, that he can capture the essence of not just a show, but the creation of other writers, and create something unique that still fits perfectly in with the rest of it.

I’m not sure I’ll be a die-hard Doctor Who fanfic fan now, but I certainly am not opposed.

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