Touched by an Angel

The second story in my Doctor Who book, Touched by an Angel by Jonathan Morris, was obvious by the title, a story about Weeping Angels.

Weeping Angels are some of my favorite “monsters” because they are very different than others, and in this story, Morris made them work together to attempt to orchestrate a paradox that would allow them to gain a lot of strength.

Morris’ writing also fit in with the Doctor Who style, having very much the feel of an episode of the show, but for some reason I didn’t find it quite as engaging.

Maybe it was, in part, some of the faux pas, such as, don’t interact with your past self, but Rory does exactly that with no visible repercussions, and with the Doctor’s blessing.

Or maybe I just had a hard time connecting with a character who was built mostly out of past memories, because although we meet Mark in the present, we mostly get to know him through a collection of past events that his present self goes back in time to watch and make sure they play out correctly. I think I wanted just a little more development from the character.

So it was good, but not as good, in my opinion, as Abnett’s story. But that in itself is in keeping with the Doctor Who flow,different writers, different styles. And, if Morris’ story was the only one I’d read, it wouldn’t stop me from tasting more of the written Doctor Who.

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