The road to publication is paved with good intentions

It may not be obvious to anyone reading this, but I haven’t done as much writing this month as I intended.

In fact, all I did was write the final chapter of my Nano story and a few hundred words on the project I’d been working on prior to November.

It’s not how I intended to spend my December, but aside from work, I couldn’t quite tell you what I’ve been doing. I can’t really remember (and that sounds really bad).

But for this final week, I’m going to challenge myself to write every day. Whether it’s one sentence, one paragraph, or one chapter, I’m going to be purposeful in writing each day. And maybe that will establish a good routine that I can maintain. And if it’s still a struggle, maybe I need to change projects and find something I’m a little more excited about. But for now, I’m going to stick with the story I meant to finish in October.

So, here I go again, making plans and hoping I have the self-discipline to follow through.

And I’d better get to work, before all the mid-winter and spring TV shows start up again…

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