A Christmas Carol

Though I’ve always been familiar with the story, this year was the first time I actually read “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens.

The story is, unsurprisingly, just like any of the films (even the Muppet one), with only minor changes to relatively insignificant details.

Scrooge, of course, is the stingy old man whom everyone hates. When he is visited by a ghost and three spirits, he is presented with the opportunity to have a second chance at life, and become a different man.

On the whole, it’s a more cheerful read than my annual Christmas book, “The Christmas Shoes.” And even though I had watched the Muppet Christmas Carol just a few days before, it wasn’t tedious reading the story too.

It’s easy to see why this has become a Christmas classic and tradition. It’s short and sweet, and carries a good message.

If you’ve never taken the time to read the story, it’s worth doing, at least once. It’s the same characters you already love, and probably takes the same amount of time to read as it does to watch. I’m very glad I took the time this year to add it to my list.

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