The Bone Tree

I wish adult series were as clearly numbered as kids books.

When I started The Bone Tree by Greg Iles, I didn’t realize until about 100 pages in that is was not a stand alone book. But, because it read enough like one, I decided to power through, and let me tell you, my orderly nature did not like that.

The Bone Tree is book two in a trilogy (with said trilogy being books 4-6 of a series… yeah, it didn’t make a lot of sense to me either, hence my wish for clear numbering) that focuses on civil rights era cold cases.

Set in Natchez, Mississippi, a reporter and her fiancé, the mayor, are chasing down the same people, a racist KKK off shoot known as the Double Eagles.

Caitlin Masters, the reporter, is obsessed with finding the Bone Tree, a legendary tree supposedly tucked into a nearby Louisiana swamp, which is said to have evidence of the Double Eagles’ race murders– and more.

But the Double Eagles are cunning, and dedicated to protecting themselves at any cost.

Though I would have loved to start on book one (or four, depending on how you count it), I must say, Isles did a great job making the Bone Tree stand in its own. There was just enough recap that I wasn’t lost reading the book, and his research and detail are very clear in his writing.

What I liked was that Isles keeps the action moving, making it a fast read, and an interesting one too. And the twists and turns aren’t as obvious as they might seem, at first.

So, now that I know the middle of the story, I’m going back to read the beginning, though part of me says I should just read the end first, then the beginning…

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