It’s my lot in life to always be searching for the next greatest science fiction saga to fill some void in my life. Whether it’s a show or a book series, I’m always on the hunt.

When I picked up Mothership by Martin Leicht and Isla Neal, I didn’t expect it to fill the void left by Firefly and Battlestar Galactica, I expected something more along the lines of Spaceballs, and the authors didn’t disappoint.

On the back of the book, one review describes Mothership as “Juno meets Aliens,” and while neither of these are movies I’ve seen, I think, based on previews, it’s an accurate description.

The story is a first-person narrative by Elvie Nara, a teenager who ends up spending her junior year (or part of it, anyway) at the Hanover School for Expecting Teen Mothers, which is not just a school for pregnant teens, but also, as it turns out, is in outer space.

Things are progressing smoothly, until alien intruders enter the ship and the teachers go crazy. Elvie, taught by her father to be handy with technology, ends up teaming with the leader of the intruders in an effort to save herself and her schoolmates. And then there is the fact that her baby daddy turns out to be one of the intruders.

Written in first-person, the casual style really fits, and the authors write in a way that really puts you inside the head of the teen mother-to-be, and it definitely feels like being inside a teen’s head.

Mothership was a funny and fast read, a goofy, off-the-wall story that makes you roll your eyes a little. The series has two more books in it, I’m not sure I’ll ever read them, but it was definitely worth reading the first book.

It’s got all the makings of a classic teenage story; a girl and her best friend, the beautiful arch nemesis who is, naturally, a cheerleader. It’s got the rebel and the weirdo and a thick-headed, beautiful boy for Elvie to fall in love with.

So if you’re looking for something goofy to read, Mothership might be for you.

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