Camp NaNoWriMo

It’s a little wild to think it’s been nearly a year since I planned and wrote my children’s book. And yet here we are, with Camp NaNoWriMo coming up again in April, less than a month away.

When I got the reminder email a few days ago, I started thinking, am I going to participate this year? It certainly would be nice to have that extra motivation to get my creative juices flowing. And if I participate, what will I do? The beauty of Camp NaNo is that you can do whatever you want. Work on an unfinished project, edit a draft of something, or start completely from scratch. So the question for me, since I’ve basically decided to do it, is, what exactly do I want to do?

I’ve got a list of un-fleshed-out ideas to choose from, some are merely a beginning with no inkling of where it might go, others are an overview with holes that need patching, and still others are literally one or two sentences that really give very little other than kind of a general theme or character trait. Example: “living in the memories through photographs instead of enjoying life and the present.” Although, this particular story has, in fact, been written, by me, successfully the second time.

So even though I’ve got a list of ideas, I’ve had to look through it to find something that catches my attention and seems like something I want to spend this month planning and next month writing. What I’ve selected falls a little into the dystopian genre, I think (which, honestly is why I’ve avoided it for a while, I just don’t want to hop on the bandwagon, muchless a bandwagon for a genre that isn’t my first choice to begin with). But it gives me ample opportunity to look at various themes that are relevant to my life right now, which is why I write to begin with. Each story is a little part of my life, each character a little reflection of myself. And when I’m writing, I can sometimes understand my own world a little  bit better.

So, the glorious synopsis of my new project that I’ve got to work with is as follows: In the town you “live” until you are 20 (now that I’m past 20, I’ll probably bump that age up, maybe 25 or 30), then you start counting down the days and years until your life expires, AKA, do everything you want before you are 20, because after that you must settle down, raise a family and wait to die.

OK, so even just typing that I added a little, but that’s all right. To me, it has a little bit of a giver-type feel. Or maybe it’ll be a little bit like the movie The Village. Either way, in my mind, this town is kind of on its own, it doesn’t interact with neighbors, it doesn’t even have them. So maybe a protagonist will have to leave to discover the truth, or perhaps buck the system and start some kind of resistance. I’m not quite sure yet. I don’t even have a character yet, just an idea. But I’ve got 25 days left to figure it all out, and then I’ll be ready to write.

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