Back on the writing horse

I’d love to be writing a “why giving up my April writing project was the best choice ever” blog post right now. But, that’s also not at all what I want to be writing.

I got off to a glowing start on April 1 with a grand total of 0 words written at the end of the day. I’m only a little better off at the present moment, feeling very much not sold on my own story (plus, the cat has decided this is the month he ought to love me a lot).

But, here’s why I’m not giving up before I’ve really even started.

Perseverance: Writing is something I want to do, something I like to do, and lately, I’ve been quite lazy with it. I’ve been prone to dropping a project when I get a little bored of it, even if a week ago I was jazzed and ready to go. Writing isn’t about “feeling it,” it’s about having a vision and turning it into a reality. Writing is a job, just like anything else.

Completion: Sometimes, it’s important to me to finish something. At this point in my life, a lot of things are on hold, goals that won’t be accomplished for a while, dreams that are on the back burner for now. But setting myself a goal and achieving it, finishing a project, that is something I can do. Working to complete a story, maybe even work on editing for publication, that is one dream, one goal that I can work toward, regardless of where the rest of my life is headed. Obviously outside factors always play a role, but for the most part, this is something that is entirely dependent on me.

Finally, because I want to. I want to write. I want to finish. I want to take the ideas I have and turn them into something others might enjoy. For all my life, even now, reading books is a way for me to escape the humdrum routine and disappointments of life. Writing is a similar feeling, but even more, the thought that I could provide the same kind of escape and enjoyment for others encourages me to keep writing, even when I don’t want to.

Too often I let myself use the excuse that I work a full-time job, act as a full-time cook/maid for my family, and I don’t want a third full-time job writing. But, here’s the thing: if I want a completed work, I need to put the effort in. So for me, that’s what April is about. Putting in the effort to accomplish a goal, just for me.

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