All in a week’s work

Camp NaNoWriMo started a little over a week ago, and while I was a little slow out of the gate, I’m on track (even ahead a little bit), and motivated to get this thing done.

This year my writing process has felt different than last year, which I guess isn’t really surprising. Working full-time with an ever-changing schedule means I have to be very purposeful in setting aside time to write. Last year I slotted my time for breaks at work, giving me nearly an hour of writing time throughout my day. This year, I haven’t been doing that.

However, my goal is only 35,000 words, less than 1,200 a day to hit my goal. Which means that even when I get behind (though I’ve been pretty good the last week), it still is only an hour or two of writing to get back on track and give myself a little cushion for the next day.

Being on track is good, because it allows me to keep reading this month too. Even though I’ve got two book review blogs written and scheduled for posting (secret: I don’t actually write my blog posts the day they go up), I don’t want to get behind, nor do I want to give up reading for writing. I think the more I read, the better writer I become, picking up things by osmosis, if you will, and noticing different techniques and styles from other writers that end up being relevant to my own project.

I am behind on my planning and chapter outlines, but I haven’t caught up to where my planning ends yet, so I guess I’m still OK on that front, for now. As always, the chapters are more fluid than I first expect, and things are already changing a little.

It’s the changing that keeps me from getting too much further ahead in my planning. Even though I can obviously keep changing things, or disregard things that I thought worked but don’t anymore, it’s also kind of fun to wait and see where the story has gone so far, then jot down the plan for the next few chapters. It allows me to think with my story, and I like that kind of planning better than a full outline, I think.

My ending idea started out as nine words and a question mark. However, I knew as soon as I wrote it that the question mark was unnecessary, that’s definitely the direction it’s been heading the whole time. I’d share it, but I don’t want to spoil the ending.

Here’s to another good week of writing, making dreams come true (or achieving goals, anyway).

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