The final days

I’ve finished week three and I’m down to the final days of Camp NaNoWriMo. I’m proud to say I’m still caught up, and almost every day this month I have been writing. I count that as a victory.

I never did name my main character, I guess that will have to wait until May.

I’m quite excited for the ending. I think it will be interesting, and fun to write. That being said, per the usual, now that I’m down to the last 10,000ish words, it’s a long slow slog to the finish line. I’m not sure why my steam runs out right around this time, but it does. Part of it is that I know exactly how it needs to go to end, but part of me thinks I still need more.

Whatever the reason is, every day is a new chance to write, and I’m going to make the most of each day I have left this month. And then I’ll start again in May doing something else. Maybe I’ll try my hand at editing this story (I know, I always say that, but maybe this time I actually will). I think I will set myself a goal, between now and November, to get some substantial editing done on a project. Maybe this one, maybe another one, or maybe I’ll get really in to it and get a couple done (ha! But, maybe).

As challenging as it is to balance reading a book a week for blogging, writing, full-time work and being an adult, it’s been worth it. It has felt very good to set myself a task and work toward it, a task that I’m doing only for me.

Here’s to finishing strong, and doing a few more things just for myself.

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