Just Try to Stop Me

This week I returned to thriller author Gregg Olsen, and I was no disappointed by the twists and turns.

This story returns to sheriff’s detective Kendall Stark and forensic pathologist Birdy Waterman as they hunt the escaped serial killer Brenda Nevins, first introduced in The Girl In the Woods.

Nevins finds a man she can manipulate, and with his help, kidnaps four cheerleaders as part of her plan for revenge. With the body count already climbing, Stark and Waterman are racing the clock to find Nevins’s hideout before it’s too late.

Woven into the story are elements of real life–snap shots into the lives of Stark and Waterman that really make the characters come alive.

Olsen did a great job giving readers enough information that they feel in control of the story, only to sweep in with an unexpected but completely logical twist at the end that changes everything, one of those twists where you look back and see the clues there the whole time.

The one challenge about this book, for me, was the sex. Not really my thing to read, yet it was part of who Brenda Nevins is, and part of the way she manipulated and controlled people and situations. It could be that, if I were the writer, I would have toned it down, left more to imagination, but each writer makes that choice, and each reader decides if they want to keep reading.

Overall, however, Olsen is still, in my book, and excellent thriller writer, and one I would turn to when I need a quick read that will keep me engaged and guessing, right up until the end.

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