One more lap down

The reason I tend to blog about my editing every other week is because I usually only get two or three days a week where I get time to edit.
That said, this weekend I was finally able to get through the last 20-30 pages of my story. This part of the story tends to move faster than the rest of it, which is to be expected, because it's what everything else is building up to. This weekend my focus was weaving in two elements that I thought of after I wrote the first draft: the family that stepped forward to claim Mason as their missing son, and the psychological turmoil Mason deals with as he's faced with people telling him that everything he believes is made up.
For the most part, I think I've got the family's involvement woven in pretty well. The psychological turmoil probably needs another scene. I think I rushed my timeline a little bit and didn't have time for it, but I need to add it in. I've also got some research to do now, mostly on HIPPA laws, like whether police could access medical records as part of an ongoing investigation, and whether it's believable that a person who experienced trauma at a young age would invent an alternate reality in their mind to deal with the trauma. Luckily, the research part goes pretty quickly.
I'm excited to read through my story now though, to see how far it has come. I know the plot is stronger and the details of it are much more intriguing. I know it's already a better story than when I first imagined it, much less wrote it.
As I read through it again, I'm sure I will uncover more problems and things that need ironing out, but it's exciting to have finished one solid round of hard-core editing, and encouraging to know that it's easier than I thought.
Now on to another round.

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