Final Appeal

Continuing in the mystery vein, I decided to try out Lisa Scottoline, a well known mystery author I’ve been anxious to read before.

I thought Final Appeal would be a little more of a courtroom drama mystery. When Grace Rossi takes a part-time job with a federal appeals court. But she finds herself in the middle of a death penalty appeal, an affair with her boss, and unexpectedly in the middle of a murder investigation, one she’s heading up herself.

When Grace starts digging and uncovers some suspicious evidence, she starts sketching a picture in her mind, and it’s not pretty. But the hard evidence is hard to come by, and time seems to be running out and things are getting dangerous for Grace.

I almost didn’t keep reading this book, as within the first two chapters it seemed the whole book was going to be focused on the romance. I was pleased that that was a short lived focus. However, it wasn’t quite the rapid-fire courtroom drama I was expecting. Instead, Grace investigated on her own, sneaking into offices and apartments to look for anything that might give answers. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t quite what I was expecting.

All that to say, I did enjoy Final Appeal. It was an interesting read with some unexpected twists and turns. I’ll admit, I didn’t actually expect the end result, and it was actually a little more realistic, focusing on human ambition instead of something elaborate.

I’m definitely interested in reading more of Lisa Scottoline. Along with about a zillion other authors and books.

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