The Obsession

The last time I picked up a romance book, I was pleasantly surprised to find it was mostly a thriller with a sub-theme of romance. When I picked up Nora Roberts’ The Obsession, I thought I was getting into something similar.

As a young girl, Naomi Bowes followed her father into the woods one night and discovered his dark secret–kidnapping and murdering young women. For the rest of her life, Naomi’s been trying to outrun her past and its horrors.

She settles into a small town, living under the name Naomi Carson, and begins to build a home, the one thing she never thought possible. She finds friendly people who want to know her, and she finds herself getting pulled deeper into a life she believes isn’t possible for her. But her sense of security is shattered with a string of crimes reminiscent of her past. Everything seems about to fall into a million pieces, but Naomi is tired of running and she’s ready to hold on to what she’s got.

I had high hopes for this book, and while it was good, and well written, it wasn’t quite everything I’d been hoping for. It was definitely more 50/50 thriller and romance, which wouldn’t be bad, except that I was not keen, at all, on the love interest. Though he turned out to be OK in the end, I have a hard time liking a character who, when a woman says she won’t sleep with him, responds with “yet.” Eww. It felt a little bit like a hook-up turned love story, which is not what I’m looking for on those occasions when I do want romance a little more front and center.

Having read this book, though, I can understand why people like Nora Roberts (plus, it’s valuable to read lots of different things so I can recommend them to others). Perhaps I would like her mystery books as J.D. Robb a little bit better. And I’m sure all her love interests aren’t the same, so perhaps some of her other books would be a little easier for me to stomach. All in all, not bad if you’re looking for something in between what your grandmother reads and 50 Shades.

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