Sometimes I Lie

The latest in psychological thrillers, Sometimes I Lie is a successful debut by Alice Feeney.

Amber Reynolds is in a coma. She remembers the days leading up to the accident that put her there, but some of the other details are hazy.

Though she’s able to hear most of what people are saying around her, Amber isn’t sure whether to believe everything in her mind or not. She knows she’s in danger, but she’s not sure who from, or why.

Slowly, all the pieces fall into place, and everything that seemed random makes sense. Everything you think you know is shaken up, because sometimes, Amber Reynolds lies.

When I started this book, I was afraid it was going to be another thriller story about a mentally ill woman, along the lines for Girl on the Train or The Woman in Cabin 10. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed both of those books, but all the misleading came down to the illnesses the women were fighting. In Sometimes I Lie, though Amber does have some illnesses she struggles with, we actually get to see the root causes, and see how it led her to where she is now. And in the end, it was a lot more misleading than the others I’ve read.

Sometimes I Lie plays a lot on assumptions. The story leads you along, but when the truth is revealed, you realize there was really no evidence for your assumptions.

The last few chapters will stop you in your tracks. And the very last pages will keep you mind engaged, even after you put the book down.

So when you need a psychological thriller fix, and you’re looking for something different, check out Sometimes I Lie, coming in March.

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