While it may not be obvious from my reviews, I’ve lately been enjoying dipping my toes into different kinds of science books (ok, maybe more enjoying the thought of it). Between nonfiction and fiction, I’ve been touching in several branches. The latest was a combination of several in Michael Crichton’s Micro.

Lured to Hawaii with the promise of jobs and secret technology, seven graduate students find themselves in the middle of intrigue and business politics, while fighting for their very lives. Armed with only their wits and the knowledge of their respective fields, the students realize just how big the world is.

Notwithstanding that my book was missing 10 pages near the end, I thoroughly enjoyed the book. Only the first I’ve ready by Crichton, it seemed in keeping with his style, based on the Jurassic Park moves, full of action. To be honest, as I read, I kept thinking the story was going to take a different turn. Instead, it kept heading toward the logical conclusion, but I didn’t mind. Crichton, it seems, is an excellent author when you want an action-packed story that’s just a little different than the rest of the stuff on the shelves.

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