I Have Lost My Way

I got my first taste of Gayle Forman when I picked up an advanced reading copy of her upcoming book, “I Have Lost My Way.”

The book follows three young adults, teens who are struggling to find themselves. Freya is an up and coming start, but when her singing voice goes, she starts wondering what she has left. Nathaniel is estranged from his mother, and with his father’s departure, is left floating aimlessly, trying to decide what to do next. Finally, Harun is afraid to come out to his family, but keeping his secret has cost him everything g he wanted.

When the three teens collide, they find themselves taking care of each other as best as they can, looking individually for any sort of connection to anchor them to their lives.

My first impression what that Forman was trying way too hard to tie the title of her book into each introduction of each character. Each one repeats the phrase to his or herself several times as character is being established. Additionally, it felt like a book that was written intending to be a film. The writing feels a little unpolished, but it could be that that’s what Forman was going for.

All in all, though, it’s a compelling story, not the least because I think everyone encounters a lost moment, at least once in a lifetime. And it highlights how simple kindnesses can change the trajectory of a person’s life.

While it’s not my favorite book that I’ve read lately, I think Forman’s book has a good message about reaching out to others, and about considering who you and and what you let define you. It’s a relevant story for any age.

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