The Killing Forest

I’ve been excited to get back to Danish author Sara Blaedel and her detective character Louise Rick, and The Killing Forest was just as good as I expected.

Picking up right where The Forgotten Girls left off, Louise is coming back to work after a brief leave of absence following the conclusion of her last case. Her new case, a teenage boy who is missing in the forest, once again takes her out to her old stomping grounds from childhood. As Louise digs into the case and starts finding hints about why the boy doesn’t want to come home, she realizes the case may have connections to her own past, and may blow some things wide open.

But Louise is up against the small town’s own semblance of mafia, rooted in old Viking religion, and it becomes clear that no one is safe, and these people will do anything to protect themselves.

Blaedel is an expert at weaving various narrative threads together and creating a fast-paced, twisting story that all makes sense in the end. And in Louise Rick’s case, she weaves her personal life together with professional career, forcing her character to find and draw lines between vendetta and justice.

It’s easy to see why Denmark has named her their “Queen of Crime.” If you need a quick weekend read, I can not recommend Blaedel highly enough. You won’t be disappointed.

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