I think the best books, and especially thrillers, are the ones that keep you actively trying to work out how it’s going to end.

In her debut book Tangerine, Christine Mangan nails that.

After a tragic accident at her college in Vermont, Alice Shipley quickly finds herself married and living in Tangier, Morocco. Then suddenly, her college roommate, Lucy, shows up, and Alice is both relieved to be coming out of her shell again, but also suspicious and on guard– after Vermont, Alice thought Lucy was gone from her life for good. As Alice tries to manage her anxiety and suspicion, Lucy is scheming away, trying to reclaim what was lost to them both in Vermont.

Throughout the book, I found myself coming up with all kinds of possible acts for the story to resolve itself. Alice is an unstable character, that much is clear from the beginning. But there is more to Lucy than we first are led to believe, too. And I quickly found myself questioning her as much as Alice.

For a debut novel, I think Tangerine is excellent. Heck, it’s excellent as a novel period. It’s got twists and turns and complex characters, and while the story keeps you guessing, everything leads to a logical conclusion.

If you’re look g for a good page turner, look no further than Tangerine.

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