Unbury Carol

When I read the synopsis of Josh Malerman’s latest book, I was excited. Unbury Carol sounded really interesting.

Carol is in a coma. It’s not the first time, she has a condition that makes her appear dead, but she’s really deep in a coma. Her husband, who knows this, decides to use this latest episode as his escape, announcing her death and moving quickly to have her buried.

The only other person who knows about Carol’s condition is a long-lost lover, who receives word and rides as fast as he can to save her.

The reality of this western tale is that the story moved incredibly slowly. More than anything, it was a story of several people fighting their inner demons on their own. Each character in this book is made out to be unreliable, one step away from a mental breakdown, it seems.

I suppose if you enjoy books with lots of description and individual thinking, you may enjoy it, but for me, it dragged on. It was like reading The Hateful Eight (and that was bad enough trying to watch).

While this story might appeal to a more artsy readership (if that’s the right word), I personally prefer a faster-paced novel. I think this story had potential, but it’s execution didn’t sell me on it.

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