Lying in Wait

Liz Nugent picked an excellent first line for her second novel. “My husband did not mean to kill Annie Doyle, but the lying tramp deserved it.” With an opener like that, how can you not keep reading?

Lying in Wait is a different kind of thriller than the ones I’ve been reading.

It follows the Fitzsimon family, Lydia and her husband Andrew, a prominent judge, and their beloved son Laurence. Obviously we know from the get-go that Andrew kills Annie, it’s in the first sentence. Lydia helps her husband hide the body, and they attempt to go on with life as normal, because who would miss a drug-addicted prostitute? Naturally, her sister would. Karen won’t accept that her sister is dead, because there’s no evidence for it. When her path crosses with Laurence’s, it becomes hard for the Fitzsimon house to keep a lid on its dark secrets–and there’s more than just Annie lying in wait for discovery.

Instead of being engaged try to figure out what’s happened in the story or how it ends, this story engages you in considering motives, how far someone will go in the name of self-preservation, and what will happen when it all hits the fan.

The characters are compelling, and Nugent does an excellent job in giving insight into each character, letting readers see what makes them tick and giving valid reasons for their behaviors.

All in all, Lying in Wait was a good novel. Keep an eye out for it when it hits the shelves in June, you won’t be disappointed.

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