Under my Skin

While I’m growing a little tired of thrillers focused on women with unreliable narrative, Lisa Unger’s upcoming book, Under My Skin, was just enough different to be enjoyable.

It’s been a year since Poppy’s husband Jack was murdered during an early morning run, and Poppy is still drowning in grief. The case was never solved, and despite therapy, Poppy is missing memories from the days immediately surrounding the murder.

Using a mixture of alcohol and prescription drugs to cope, Poppy quickly loses the ability to differentiate between what’s real and what are dreams. But Poppy is convinced that clues to her husband’s death are hidden in her missing memories, and she’s determined to find out what she knows, even if she won’t like the answers.

Unger writes this story to be fast-paced, and to keep readers guessing, trying, along side Poppy, to recognize what is real in the story, and which pieces are dreams. Frankly, it can be a little challenging to keep track (which I think is the point), so if you’re someone who is obsessive about clear lines, this book may be hard. Additionally, if you have trauma of losing someone you love, this book might be hard too. I definitely held my husband a little tighter after reading it.

While everything seems pretty clear on the surface, we learn fairly quickly that our characters aren’t all what they seem, yet another layer of trying to determine with Poppy, is she a bad judge of character? Who’s side of the story is unjustly biased? And just how much can people change?

What makes this book a little different than some of the others that I’ve read is that Poppy comes out in the end as a strong character who doesn’t let other people tell her what is going on inside her own head. Sure, she questions, and recognizes her bad decisions, but she works through it all on her own, instead of believing those who love her, only to find out they were wrong or misguided. In her fragile state, Poppy hangs on to herself, instead of allowing those around her to remake her into someone else. And I like that about her.

All in all, I enjoyed the book, even if it did make my heart hurt to read it. And if you’re waiting breathlessly for your next thriller, you’ll have to wait until October, for this one to hit shelves. But it’s worth it.

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