The 49th Mystic

It feels good to dive back into Ted Dekker’s Circle world, even if it does make me want to go back and reread all of them (and I truthfully don’t even know how many there are, I got distracted somewhere around the fourth Lost Book, I think…).

In the 49th Mystic, Decker returns to the circle world through Rachelle, a blind young woman who is terrified by nightmares that she will finally gain her sight, only to have it taken from her again. When she wakes up alone in a strange world, she finds herself miraculously healed, and also charged with saving not only her town and her world, but also the future world she is in.

She must find all four be Seals of Truth before the appointed time in order to be successful, but she has no idea where to look, forced to trust that the clues to point her toward the truths will appear to her at the right time. And it’s only through embracing her true self and setting aside fear that she will even stand a chance at success.

It’s been a long time since I’ve read anything from Dekker’s Circle world, not since Green came out in, what, 2011? So I was uncertain of how easy it would be to slip back in, but Dekker’s lays out everything you must know, and the story flows easily, as an add-on series, and as a stand-alone, if necessary.

It’s also nice to get back into a Christian fantasy series that still deals with relevant issues to now (fear, perception, distinguishing truth from the lies and misinterpretations). I’d been reading more of his thrillers, and I forgot a little bit just how much I enjoyed his other writing. Dekker is a master at fast-paced action stories, and the 49th Mystic is no different.

If you’ve read the Circle Trilogy, you won’t want to miss the 49th Mystic. And if you want something akin to The Chronicles of Narnia but with more obvious Christian parallels and messages, dive in, whether you start with the 49th Mystic or at the beginning with Black. You won’t be disappointed.

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