The Summer Wives

The last time I saw an advanced copy of a Beatriz William’s book, I thought it look d interesting, and decided I’d take it later if no one else did, but when I came back, someone else had taken it.

This time, when The Summer Wives came in, I snatched it up.

William’s story takes place on a fictional island on the East Coast. Miranda’s mother is marrying in to the Fisher family, not quite one of the old money families that summers on the island, but a wealthy family that has managed to buy its way in, to a degree.

Miranda spends the summer with her new stepsister, Isobel, learning the divides between the summer families and the year-round islanders, and enjoying the glittering, boozy parties. The summer families keep a good buzz going on at all times in order to avoid all the drama that comes with their lifestyle, but things start to go south, and by the end of the summer, nothing in he island will ever be the same, and Miranda herself, finding and losing her first love, flees heartbroken.

Nearly 20 years later, Miranda is back, running again, but ready to dig up the past, if it means finding the truth and laying it all to rest.

The story is one part young love story, one part mystery, and one part snobby love affairs. While it want incredibly difficult to know where the story was going, Williams’ writing style keeps you engaged, jumping between Miranda’s past and present, as well as snippets from the even further past that fit together as the story unfolds.

All around, it was an engaging story and a fast read, perfect for a summer read when I comes out in July.

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