Into the Black

Continuing my flight into NASA and space flight history, my latest read picked up, essentially, after the Apollo missions, looking into the development of the space shuttle and the U.S.’s attempt to get back into the space race after the conclusion of the Apollo missions.

Into the Black by Rowland White is several things. White intended it to be the story of the shuttle’s first flight, and how, with the heat shield potentially classified, NASA relied on a classified government agency for help. But more than that, it’s the history of the shuttle program, and how the cancellation of the Air Force’s manned space program made it possible for the National Reconnaissance Office to be in touch with NASA in the first place.

The book covered such a broad time frame, it was easy to forget that it was all leading up to the revelation of now-declassified information. And, after having read it, I would say the synopsis certainly felt like an over-dramatization (though surely in the moment, without knowing if the classified spy satellites could even get a picture of the damaged shuttle, and by knowing how extensive the damage was, the men flying the shuttle and those controlling from the ground were in the edges of their seats).

But as a historical account of the shuttle program, and the journey to get there, Into the Black is excellent, going into detail and getting perspectives and comments from nearly everyone involved. It’s clear that White did extensive research and interviewing to reconstruct the story.

It was complete accident, though not all that hard, to have bought three books on space history and have them chronicle the timeline almost without skipping any time. But I’m so glad it worked out that way, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my journey through space history so far.

For anyone interested in space history, the shuttle program, or classified government agencies, Into the Black is a book to add to your reading list.

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