Daring Greatly

Brené Brown has been on my radar for quite a while as someone I wanted to read. I don’t dip into personal growth (self help) too often, but I’d heard good things about Brown.

Daring Greatly is a book based on a decade of Brown’s research into shame and vulnerability, and how the two are linked. While many people see vulnerability as weakness, Brown argues that vulnerability is courageous, and is a countermeasure against shame. Instead of keeping shame bottled up, Brown challenges people to open up to trustworthy people and allow the feeling of not being good enough to be replaced by a feeling of worthiness.

After laying out her research, Brown takes the final two chapters to discuss how vulnerability and shame can each change the dynamics of the workplace, schools, and families, and how to start implementing good practices.

For being in the personal growth section, I was definitely expecting something more inspirational, if you will. But Daring Greatly really felt like it could have been at home in the psychology section as well. Either way, it was a good read that really challenges you to think about your behaviors, both in terms of your own vulnerability, and in terms of how you encourage vulnerability in others.

Brown argues, and I think I agree with her, that in order to live the fulled “wholehearted” life, we have to be willing to be vulnerable with others. In my own experiences, this is true. Being open with others creates genuineness, and without those, no relationship is going to be strong enough to last, nor will it be deep enough to be meaningful.

Daring Greatly is a must read, I think. If we could just change the way we interact with others to be more real and more positive, think of how much the world itself might change.

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