Angels and Demons

When I read my first Dan Brown book, I felt a little confused, like I’d jumped into the middle of a series. Turns out I had, although they tend to be stand-alones too. So I’ve been wanting to go back to the beginning of Robert Langdon’s adventures, and that led me to Angels and Demons.

Langdon is an art historian and symbologist working at Harvard and he gets woken in the morning by a bizarre phone call. Next thing Langdon knows, gems caught up in the middle of an apparent Illuminati plot to bring down Vatican City.

Langdon’s knowledge of art history allows him to help Vatican City guards anticipate their enemies’ next move, but they keep arriving a moment too late. And with all the cardinals gathered to elect a new pope, time is quickly running out, and no one knows who the real mastermind is.

Brown mixes history and intrigue together to write a fast-paced thriller that leads you logically through unforeseen turns. Everything makes sense until one more piece of information is revealed, and everything changes.

While a little more of a challenge to read than Inferno, I certainly wasn’t disappointed with Angels and Demons. It’s easy to tell Brown has spent a lot of time in his research and making sure Robert Langdon knows everything he should know, as an art historian.

If you’re looking for something akin to Indiana Jones, the adventures of Robert Langdon are where you want to start.

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