The Other Woman

It’s not often that I read a book that makes me angry to read, but Sandie Jones’ debut novel was a challenge for me to get through.

Emily and Adam are entangled in the perfect relationship. Everything is going well, with the exception of Adam’s mother, Pammie, who seems to hate Emily. Pammie won’t stop at anything until Emily is out of the picture and she is once again the only woman in Adam’s life.

The problem is, Adam can’t see how his mother is behaving, and yet seems like their relationship may not be strong enough, or perfect enough, to stand the strain.

On the whole, The Other Woman wasn’t bad. It was fast paced and chock full of drama that keeps you wondering about everyone’s motives.

What frustrated me about the book–and it is a completely personal opinion and not actually the author’s fault–was how Emily is so in love with Adam that she’s willing to overlook the fact that he will not put her first, which seems like a pretty big sign to me that it’s not the right person. And Emily spent nearly the whole book justifying her fiancé’s behavior and convincing herself that she’s overreacting. That made it hard for me to read.

All in all, I’m sorry to say The Other Woman probably isn’t one I’ll be recommending when it hits shelves in August, not unless someone is looking for a book to get them nice and angry.

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