The World According to Star Wars

Though I’m young, Star Wars was my childhood. I may not have watched it in theaters, but I remember watching Star Wars more vividly than even Disney.

Cass Sunstein delves into the history and development of Star Wars in his book The World According to Star Wars. He explores how Star Wars came about, discusses the question of whether it was destined to succeed.

From there, Sunstein launches into some more social and political ideas, using Star Wars themes and scenes to explore and explain things like revolution, constitutional law, and political campaigns.

The book wasn’t quite what I was expecting, given the title, but it wasn’t so far out in left field, either. It was interesting to read the history of how Star Wars got started, which certainly made me interested in a biography of George Lucas or a deeper history of the movies. And linking characters and scenes to real life issues was interesting too.

For a dedicated fan (so long as you can handle Democrats) it’s a quick, interesting little read.

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