Horror has never really been my thing, and for that reason, I’ve never picked up a Stephen King book.

I decided it would be worth trying, though, and I’ve had one sitting at home for a while. As I came to an end of what I had lined up for reading, I decided it would be fitting to slot him in for the month of October.

Revival is the story of Jamie Morton, a young boy who is the first in town to meet the new preacher, Charles Jacobs. The two have a unique collection, but when tragedy strikes and Jacobs leaves town, Jamie thinks that’s the end of it.

Yet somehow, their paths keep crossing. And Jamie soon realizes that Jacobs’ obsession with his secret electricity isn’t the same harmless tinkering from when he was a child. Jamie can’t quite tell if Jacobs is doing good or evil, or if he even cares. But Jamie has another battle– one between stopping Jacobs, and satisfying his own curiosity.

This book, I know, was not really a horror novel, more of a supernatural suspense. But I expect it was a good sample of King’s writing, and I enjoyed it immensely.

King draws you along through Jamie’s narrative, and even though it’s just a story of one man’s bad choices, somehow it’s still a page turner. King drops just enough hints about what Jacobs is really doing that you can’t stop reading for want of knowing just what’s going on.

The style and even the storyline reminded me of the Paradise novels by Ted Dekker, only a little edgier (granted, I haven’t read those books in probably 10 years, so I could be a little off).

All in all, I enjoyed it. I may not be ready to dive right in to IT, but I might be able to dip my toes in to a little bit creepier books.

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