Muppets Meet Classics: The Phantom of the Opera

This may be the best book I’ve read all year.

Naturally, as a children’s book, Erik Forrest Jackson had to make some adjustments to Gaston Leroux’s original Phantom of the Opera story, but overall, the story is largely the same.

Young Piggy Daae is coming in to stardom at the Opera, thanks to her secret and mysterious Koozebanian of Music. But when Piggy starts getting the attention of her childhood sweetheart, Viscount Kermit de Chagny, the Koozebanian gets jealous and spirits her away to his underground carnival. Kermit must find the secret entrance and rescue his love.

This book is absolutely full of puns that probably will go over the heads of any children reading it, and yet that was the best part of the book. It’s the kind of book I dream of writing. It’s so much fun.

Now, I haven’t read the original book, only ever seen the movie, but I think any creative liberties taken were well within the realm of reasonable, since this is a children’s book. And the general story is still the same.

If you’re looking for an easy read, or even something silly to share with your older child, this is it. Jackson’s writing is easy and conversational, funny and relatable. You won’t regret reading this book. But you’ll probably wish that it was a movie, too.

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