Rise of the Mystics

Ted Dekker wasted no time in writing the second book to his two-part series that returns to the world of the circle trilogy.

In the first book, The 49th Mystic, a young girl named Rachelle Matthews suddenly finds herself thrust into a strange new world where she is the only one who can bring peace and fulfill an old prophecy. Rachelle lives both on Earth and Other Earth, dreaming of one world when she falls asleep in the other. In both worlds, though, she’s in terrible danger. And fast learning that nothing is what it appears to be.

Now, in Rise of the Mystics, Rachelle is still in danger. With the crumbling of everything she once knew on Earth, Rachelle has been convinced that she is schizophrenic and subject to various hallucinations. But the fate of both worlds still hangs on her shoulders, even though she doesn’t dream anymore. But in both worlds, she’s finding that blindness can refer to so much more than sight, and that sight doesn’t necessarily mean seeing truly. But time is running out, and if Rachelle doesn’t get back on track and complete her quest, it will be the end for everyone.

Dekker’s latest series wrestles with the challenges of the Christian walk, and in some parts of each book it gets a little heavy on the teachings, paraphrasing and using new metaphors. This is definitely a series that wasn’t meant to be rushed though, as I did with it. It’s a series Dekker means to have read slowly, soaking in the metaphors of truth.

But the Mystic series maintains Dekker’s quality style, complete with twists and turns, even as he paints a broad, sweeping story with more meaning than what you see on the surface.

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