An Anonymous Girl

How far can you go before discovering the truth becomes unethical?

This seems to be a question Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen touch on in their latest book, An Anonymous Girl.

A spur of the moment decision leads Jessica down an unexpected path. She lies to participate in a study on ethics and morality because she needs the money they are offering. Her honesty intrigues the psychologist, and suddenly Jessica is the teacher’s pet, and the project morphs into something more.

But Jessica slowly begins to realize that Dr. Lydia Shields hasn’t been completely honest about the purpose of her study, and it’s becoming more and more dangerous for Jessica to see a way out. Shields is obsessed with discovering some truth, but Jessica isn’t sure she likes being the instrument of temptation. As she begins to learn the truth of her own situation, Jessica scrambles to find a way to escape the web with her life still intact.

Hendricks and Pekkanen are another author (set, really) that I’ve heard a lot of but never read (I know, I know, you readers probably get tired of hearing this time and time again), but I wasn’t disappointed. An Anonymous Girl did an excellent job of leading you in one direction and dropping clues that hint toward something different.

It’s a quick read that bounces between points of view in short, snappy chapters. I also liked that the authors had a couple layers within the story, but not so many as to be distracting, and all the layers neatly lined up in the end, good for people who like neat and tidy endings.

After reading this, and knowing how many people came in to Barnes and Noble for their first book, I’ll definitely be recommending An Anonymous Girl when it hits shelves in January. And until then, I’ll fill my time with checking out The Wife Between Us.


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