Getting back in line

Ever have a week where life just deals you a gut punch, and you can’t do anything but lay around trying to get back on your feet? I did, and that’s why I didn’t have a writing blog post last week. I just hadn’t written. I hadn’t done anything, except binge watch documentaries and wish that I, too, could dramatically narrate nature.

Last week was about getting back up. I wrote several days last week, which is good, even thought it doesn’t quite feel like I got a lot done. It’s progress, so that’s good enough for me.

It’s been tricky, lately, because I’ve gotten out of my neat, linear writing pattern. You may recall that I skipped ahead and wrote a section that was closely reflecting how I was feeling. Well, now I’ve got to connect that to the rest of my story. I’ve sort of been trying to write forward, to meet that part, and also write backwards, adding scenes before. What that’s done is made me unsure what I really want to write, and feeling weird about where I am in my story.

So, I’ve been all over the place, this week. I added some to my outline, working to get a general idea of how to get from the first part of my story to the floating scene. And I wrote some of that in between part. I’m getting closer to connecting them.

I once had someone ask me how I knew that I didn’t like to write piecemeal (my word, not hers) if I’d never tried it. Well, I have now, and even though it’s nice to give voice to the part I really want to write, I think it works better for me to have that as a goal. It helps me get through the middle parts, the parts that are character building or story building.

Plus, I tend to get really attached as soon as I put the words on paper (or screen), so I feel like I’m not quite as open to the changes that might present themselves to me as I go along.

What’s your writing style like? Are you linear or do you write what presents itself and work out the transition scenes later?

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