The Better Sister

With a title like that, how can anyone not be intrigued?

I first heard of Alafair Burke when I saw she’d written a joint book with Mary Higgins Clark, before branching out into her own career. The Better Sister is her second novel.

Chloe Taylor has a successful, albeit strange, life. She runs a successful magazine, is well-known in her industry, and has a loving husband and son– her sister’s ex-husband and nephew.

But when her husband is murdered, everything starts to fall apart and Ethan, Chloe’s stepson and nephew, is charged with the murder. Chloe’s finds she must partner with Nicky, her estranged sister, to try to uncover the truth about Adam’s murder and prove Ethan’s innocent.

The Better Sister was a page turner, and a nice break from what has become the common theme of unreliable women and/or sexual violence as the basis of the plot.

My one quibble was that the twist in the end, while I made sense, didn’t have the lead up. Burke suggested various different, plausible possibilities, but didn’t really hint at the truth.

Otherwise, Burke wrote a clear, fast-paced thriller. I’m interested to go back and read some of her earlier work, because based on this book, she is capable of coming up with interesting, unique stories.

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