Waiting and Rediscovering

Well, I managed to get my three pieces finished and submitted just in time for the deadline. Now all that’s left is waiting to see which, if any, get chosen.

When I read back through them, I came to realize that the third piece was the one I liked best (or is it just because it was the most recent?). The first two, despite my initial excitement, I wasn’s as keen on. I think because I didn’t buckle down as much on those, so I see potential, but didn’t give myself time to maximize it. I suppose it’s part of my journalism background, I work better under pressure, with a deadline looming.

One thing I noticed the last few weeks, it was easier for me to write when I’m using pen and paper, versus on typing on my computer. Maybe it was just that I was using my short breaks at work and having a harder time using my free time at home, but either way I found I got into the zone more when using pen and paper (even if I was doing it with the tv on). This poses some interesting decisions for me, moving forward with other projects.

I’ve managed to write every day so far this month, and I plan to keep that up, which means returning to one of my other projects. Do I use pen and paper, or push myself to get back to using the computer? Pen and paper obviously takes up physical space, as well as time transcribing everything I’ve written. But if it keeps me from getting distracted by the internet or other digital temptations, maybe it’s worth it.

I guess I’ll work it out this week, as I try to sink back into the world I left a month or so ago. Hint to any new-er-ish writers, it’s very hard to leave a project and then come back to it. It’s hard to get back into that world and rediscover the excitement and passion. So that’s my task in writing this week, find the excitement for my project once more, and find a way to make it work.

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