The Night Stalker

I often find new books to read by seeing what other people are buying, or by what other customers recommend. I was told I ought to try Robert Bryndza, a British thriller author. So when I saw one of his books as part of a recent 50 percent off sale, I went ahead and snagged one.

The Night Stalker is actually the second Erika Foster novel, but I didn’t know that when I bought it. After a brief debate on whether I ought to get the first one to start, I decided I give it a shot. Often these kinds of series aren’t crucially chronological.

Erika Foster is a British detective still trying to recover from tragedy that took everything from her and put her into a kind of reckless slump. When someone starts targeting and murdering men in her area, Foster isn’t willing to accept the surface answers.

As the body count piles up and the higher ups are anxious for an answer, Foster finds herself being pushed out from her investigation, right as she seems to be on the cusp of answers. But right when she seems removed from the action, the case takes a turn that lands Foster right in the middle of the danger.

Bryndza writes a fast-paced novel steadily leads you on toward the conclusion. While it didn’t have as many breadcrumbs as I like, it did have a neat wrap up without a 360 turn out of nowhere.

He also writes characters that feel very real. Erika Foster is someone you can relate to–adjusting to her new normal, fed up with office politics, and willing to bend or break some rules if it means solving the case. It it also means Foster wanders into gray areas some, and that makes her more relatable.

Bryndza is definitely a thriller author I’ll add to my list of recommendations for anyone looking for detective thrillers.

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